5 Steps To Healthier Mornings

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What better time of day to start a healthy habit than the morning? It's probably the part of your day that you're on autopilot anyway, at least until the weekend. Why not add a new healthy habit or replace an old not-so-healthy habit in your daily morning routine? I believe that if you start your day making choices that are good for your health and good for your overall well-being, you are more likely to continue making healthier choices for the rest of your day.


Here are some healthy habits worth trying:


1. Start your day with a tongue scraper.

"Tongue-what?" you probably think. This is a small, slightly rounded U-shaped tool used to gently clean your tongue. Scraping your tongue first thing in the morning will help remove any toxins and bacteria that have built up on your tongue overnight. When we sleep, our body not only rests, but it also detoxifies and the waste from this process collects on the tongue as the production of saliva is reduced. This simple yet effective step helps improve oral hygiene, fresh breath and improved taste. If we don't clean the tongue, all the toxins are absorbed back into our system, which can lead to diseases and weak immunity.


2. Drink a large glass of warm water.

When we sleep, our body dehydrates, and starting the day with 400-500 ml of warm water can replenish your body's water supplies. When we drink water on an empty stomach, it is absorbed faster into all cells, which has several benefits for our health, according to several studies. It definitely helps with bowel movements, increases metabolism, improves skin and hair, and helps keep your kidneys clear of stones.


3. Meditate and set an intention.

Before you pick up your responsibilities for the day or start scrolling through your phone, take the time to connect with and ground yourself. This gives you clarity of mind and an inner peace to take with you in your day. If you can't take 20 minutes to meditate, it's better to do this for even 3 minutes than not doing it at all. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor or sit on the floor in meditation pose, close your eyes, focus on your heart space and just breathe. When you are done with your meditation, feel how you want to feel today and set that intention. Say it out loud to send the message to the Universe and smile to yourself.


4. Absorb the morning light.

This step in your morning routine is not only good for your energy during the day, but also ensures success at night because it helps you sleep better. It has been scientifically proven that when sunlight reaches your eyes shortly after you wake up, it activates a neural circuit in your brain that controls the timing of the release of the hormones cortisol and melatonin. Releasing cortisol in the morning helps you feel fresh, alert, and focused during the day. But most importantly, it sets a timer for your body to release melatonin. This is the hormone that makes you sleepy at night. There is a special quality and color contrast in the morning light that triggers cortisol activation, and you can't get it out of the sunlight later in the day. So just step outside or stand in front of an open window and enjoy the morning air.


5. Move your body.

Skip caffeine and get moving. If you can, combine exposure to the morning light with a brisk walk outside. Exercise kicks your brain's dopamine systems into "active" mode, giving you higher levels of motivation and alertness. This gives you a boost of energy and mental clarity during the day.


If you feel that incorporating all of the above habits is too much at the moment, then start with one change at a time and add the next one after 3-4 weeks. Once you notice the benefits that these simple morning activities bring you, you will be more motivated to improve your lifestyle and have more willpower to stick to the healthy habits.

Lots of love!

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