What to expect during the Holistic Nutrition Coaching Plan


Preparation for the first session:


  • After applying for the Holistic Nutrition Coaching Plan you will receive a number of questionnaires that you must complete and return to me. It is important to set aside about 2 hours to provide all the necessary insights into your health history.
  • You will be asked to keep a food diary for 2 days (1 weekday and 1 weekend day). In the diary you should document your intake of all foods and drinks you consume, including their weight (if possible). I'll give you the simple food diary format you can use.


First consultation:


  • During the first consultation, we discuss the most important findings and conclusions based on the food diary and questionnaires, but also about your complaints and health goals that you want to achieve.
  • I give you the proposal for dietary and lifestyle changes and we discuss how to implement them in a simple and efficient way.
  • You will receive educational information that will enable you to make the right choices regarding nutrition, as well as several examples of a healthy daily menu.

Follow-up sessions:


  • At each follow-up session we will review your progress versus your health goals and talk about how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • In each session we will include constitutional eating principles step by step. We start with a concept of eating according to your blood type. Then we will implement the eating instructions according to your Ayurvedic type and season.
  • You always have time to ask questions.