An inspiring guide to a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle, with over 140 pages of delicious, satisfying, gut friendly and easy recipes, and lots of useful tips for a successful transformation to healthy, clean eating.


This e-book contains 77 recipes with photos, grouped in seven chapters: basics, energizing breakfasts, nutritious lunches, comforting soups, delicious dinners, sweet treats and healthy drinks.


With this book, I hope to inspire you to take a step towards better health by starting with your eating habits. Whether you are eating fully vegan or want to cut down on animal products in your diet, this book will help you to add new favourite meals that are not only delicious but also clean and good for your body.

Eating wholesome, plant-based meals is not a form of diet, but a lifestyle. It's a sustainable way to transform your eating habits. You only eat natural, nutritious meals that help improve your health. It will help you reach and maintain an optimal weight without counting calories and reducing portions.

All the recipes in this book are diverse, flavorful and easily adaptable to everyone's taste, so you can satisfy everyone when you cook for family and friends.

In this cookbook you will find many practical cooking tips that make your life easier and tools to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to make one small change at a time and use my experience to stick to good eating habits.

What benefits can you expect from this e-book
  • An easy start to a healthier lifestyle for the whole family with simple and delicious plant-based meals
  • The first step to a healthy body with an optimal weight, before moving on to an individual body-based constitution approach
  • Will help with healthy weight loss, providing highly nutritious, full of fibre, satisfying meal recipes, with generous portions based on low-calorie density foods
  • 77 gluten-free, lactose-free, added sugar-free, artificial additions-free, completely plant-based recipes
  • Healthy pantry and freezer lists that help you keep eating healthy in emergency situations when you don't have time to buy groceries. Buying in bulk will save you money on your groceries
  • Basic bulk cooking recipes for items you can keep in the refrigerator to speed up weekday cooking
  • Many useful tips to successfully make a healthy plant-based diet your lifestyle