Healing is an intimate, unique and vulnerable experience.
Allow me to be your guide on the journey you will take to get there.

I am here to serve.
My services are based on a bedrock of love, a passion for igniting a healer within you and a commitment to guide you.
My mission is to help you live in a state of optimal health and well-being.

My intention is to empower people to remember your own healing potential and to connect with the innate wisdom of their body to heal himself.


I want to serve others by making holistic naturopathic concepts practical and efficient, so that everyone can easily understand them and live by them every day.


I offer my help and care from an infinite field of love, kindness and compassion.


I see everyone as a whole person – body, mind, heart and soul – and try to achieve the highest possible level of functioning and balance of those aspects within each individual. 


I also believe that the Earth has everything we need to heal. I have deep love and gratitude for nature and the ancient wisdom that lives within us. I trust that by using that inner wisdom and reconnecting with nature, we can enjoy the simplicity of living in health and well-being.